Sunday, October 10, 2010

so now prosperity begins to mellow

The title of this post, as you may know, comes from Shakespeare's King Richard III. It is spoken by Margaret in Act 4 Scene 4. Once the queen of King Henry VI, and owner of much of France, she is now rather unhappy with her life, skulking around and mostly blaming Richard who, although basically a good bloke, admittedly did kill her husband and son and take the crown.

Margaret starts the scene in which she confronts Richard's mother with all the nasty things that Richard is supposed to have done (like she really needed to be told !) with the words :

So now prosperity begins to mellow
And drop into the rotten mouth of death

She later describes Richard with some choice Shakesperian slagging off :

A hell-hound that doth hunt us all to death
That foul defacer of God's handiwork
That excellent grand tyrant of the earth
Hell's black intelligencer

He had clearly fallen off Margaret's christmas card list but she couldn't resist expressing a wish for his future :

Earth gapes, hell burns, fiends roar, saints pray
To have him suddenly conveyed away
Cancel his bond of life, dear God, I pray
That I may live to say
The dog is dead.

So, do you feel like that about anyone ?
Politicans perhaps; or footballers, tv presenters, estate agents, z-list celebrities, journalists, politicians (worth mentioning twice), rich people, white van drivers, parking wardens, relatives, your boss, criminals, drunks, bankers, lousy comedians, bloggers, bureaucrats, anyone who grinds us down.......



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