Sunday, April 24, 2011

truth or dave

Nick Clegg has come out. Tired of taking the punches that should have been aimed elsewhere, angry at the manipulative and false behaviour of his PM, he has declared himself no longer a puppet of the conservative government but the leader of their coalition partners, and a leader to be reckoned with. It’s about time. His credibility was almost at rock bottom and his party facing relegation to the league of minority no-hopers.

Reminiscent of Popeye the Sailor Man opening a can of spinach and affirming “That's all I can stands because I can't stands no more", he has flexed his political muscle and stood up to the intimidation that he has been subjected to by just about everyone in the blue corner.

Finally he has lost patience with the myths, deceit and lies about AV that are being peddled by the Prime Minister and some of the members of what Clegg decribes as a 'right-wing clique' that includes Baroness Warsi, the unelected pseudo-minister for nothing much who said that AV rewards extremism. She knows it doesn’t. So the party which incomprehensibly she chairs is sharing the NO platform with the only other parties opposed to the change, namely the extremist BNP and Communist Party. Great choice, Baroness.

Cameron himself has said that AV will demand expensive voting machines; a deliberate pretence to an electorate he knows wants visible signs of reduction in unnecessary public spending. But surely we are not as stupid as he thinks. AV is the system that elected Cameron to lead the conservative party; it worked well for him but he thinks our collective intellect is not high enough to use it wisely.

I listed in my previous post some of the other myths about AV and ways in which the NO campaign is based on untruths that are angering not only Nick Clegg but also all those who know that AV is a better and fairer electoral system that will make politicians work harder and be more reasonable and truthful. It is badly needed.

Nick Clegg is doing the right thing at the right time. Maybe this Easter weekend aptly marks the beginnings of the resurrection of the Liberal Democrat Party.



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