Tuesday, November 09, 2010

voice is off

A teacher has been given £156,000 by the London Borough of Hillingdon in compensation for damage to her vocal chords caused by having to raise her voice. Noisy class of children ? Not unusual. But it wasn’t the class she was teaching that was the problem; Mrs W worked at an Adult Education Centre. The noise came from a playground nearby (yes with children in it) but only at playtimes. She took a year off to receive treatment but then went back to teach the same class in the same room near the same playground. Was that not a little foolish? Three months later her voice worsened again and she had to stop, which is very sad. She deserves sympathy for the problems with her voice, but not much for returning to where she knew the problems would be exacerbated. There must be other places she could have taught. Hopefully the council's gift of £150k will ease the discomfort.



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