Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a hoax IEDiot

Early one morning in October, a Ministry of Justice employee made 2 hoax phone calls at work claiming there was a bomb in the building. His reason for doing so was that he wanted a day off work and had run out of holiday entitlement. He was easily identified because he used his security swipe card to enter the areas where the calls were made, and was the only one doing so around the times of the calls. If there had been CCTV he would probably have waved to it. Hardly the high quality of intellect that we would like to see working at the MOJ. I assume he is looking for a new job, but it clearly won’t be at MI5.

The judge imposed a community order with supervision and unpaid work and spared him custody because he was detected so quickly and nobody in the building was placed in fear. Fair enough. At least it would be if he had not been under a 9 month suspended prison sentence for burglary committed in August 2009. MOJ must have known about that when they employed him.

The law says the suspended sentence should be activated, i.e. prison, unless it would be unjust to do so. I can’t see the injustice although I have no strong feeling that custody was right for him or in the public interest. But it doesn’t send out a very clear message to other would-be hoaxers or those on suspended sentences.



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