Wednesday, November 10, 2010

no hiding place

The Supreme Court has ruled that 3 former MPs, who are accused of dishonestly claiming expenses that they were not entitled to, should face criminal charges at a Crown Court and not be allowed the much cosier option they wanted, which was to have their cases judged by their mates in Parliament.

If they are innocent, why would they be so against appearing at a proper criminal court? Do they not trust the country's criminal justice system? Did they say so when they were MPs? I don't think so.

Could it be that they think that by hiding under Parliamentary Privilege (which the Supreme court decided does not extend to criminal dishonesty) they would get a happy ending irrespective of their guilt or otherwise?

They shouldn't be too worried; convictions in high profile cases of theft by false accounting are not always achieved by the CPS. But we shall see. In the meantime, they are on unconditional bail; although one condition may have been considered i.e. not to continue to live the good life at the taxpayer's expense.



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